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I guided his massive cock into my tight, teen pussy.His cock was so big that I could feel him stretching me out.He did look so handsome and his cock looked so good throbbing away in front of me. For the moment I just reached over and gently started to stroke the tip of his penis.He seemed to push his head back on his pillow and groaned slowly. He pulled me on top of him and pulled my head towards his. I sat up on his lap and pulled my dress up over my head.He told me what to do as I sucked him, and I followed his instruction to the letter.

He was also a bit of a flirt and I instantly liked him.

When I arrived, one of the nurses told me to go directly to his room. He smiled at me."Janey, lock the door and come here."I did as I was told, the excitement building up in me.

I was not a virgin, but I had only been with one boy, who wasn't that good anyway.

He would make naughty insinuations and laugh with a cackle.

He made me excited to go to work and I would spend increasingly more time with him than anyone else.

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