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Wanting to test this choice effect on subsequent satisfaction, Iyengar and Lepper also asked participants about their happiness after choosing from either a limited or extensive number of chocolates.

They found people were significantly more satisfied if they made their choice from the smaller selection of chocolates.

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The key question is by how much users’ option-set should be reduced. “Shopping” for a mate: Expected versus experienced preferences in online mate choice. But here you’re doing it in a safe environment where everyone is after the same thing: finding true love. By giving a dating site a go, you’re no longer in the minority.Online dating has lost the stigma it once had - today millions of people are using it and it’s one of the most popular ways of meeting people. More and more single men and women are realising that they`ve got a much better chance of finding someone online rather than relying on well-meaning friends or workplace romances.) participants bought something when given the limited set.This result was corroborated in another context too; offering college students an optional, extra-credit assignment, they found many more students took part when given a smaller selection of essay options.

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