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I’m sure both will be just fine and their mutual agencyannounced that the couple will go back to being senior-junior at work.Since their drama had so many ardent fans who loved their onscreen romance that will always remain to rewatch and it’s okay their real life relationship didn’t work out since they were never their Weightlifting Fairy characters to begin with.It's been almost a decade since I first saw you, Mr. Even my 9 year old daughter and her friends mad on you.Ji Jin Hee, and after so many dramas/sageuks that I've been through you remain a big favorite. We have watched Dae Jang Geum, dong yi, Take care of us captain and He who cant get married, and these days we are watching spotlight.Though I didn't like the character you played in "Love Letter", it is a testimony to your superb acting skills that I truly disliked Woo-Jin...:) Keep on keeping on what you are doing already in your acting career. Thanks so much for the memories you've left me with ...There was no chemistry between him and the actresses that he was paired with, especially in "Take care of us, Captain", and that make their scenes together awkward and unemotional.

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Love him more His acting is so great that i hate him after watching Blood.I thoroughly found the acting, directing and writing of A Word from warm heart outstanding. This drama was so well acted by all and I give my appreciation for the casting director. I went back and forth on which male lead won my heart and the young husband won with the line about the baby seed. Ji Jin-Hee's steely, strong, silent acting using only his face and body were so well done. After completing watching the 2003 drama "Love Letter" and drying my eyes from the tears I shed through the last few episodes, I wanted to comment Ji Jin-Hee on his performance in this drama!I haven't seen many of his performances except "The Great Seer", but I should watch more!I watched the movie "Paradise" because of you and afterwards I found myself very inspired by it. You are a very versatile actor can show very oppositly different emotions very naturally.Thank you very much, to you and to everyone involved in its making. Hope you can have more more to act to show your talents. The first Ji Jin Hee's series that I watched is Dong Yi.

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