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On the train, Kerim Bey quickly notices a Soviet security officer named Benz tailing them, prompting him and Bond to subdue him.When Bond leaves Benz and Kerim Bey alone together, Grant kills them and makes it appear as though they killed each other, preventing Bond from leaving the train with Romanova to rendezvous with one of Kerim's men.The following night, Bond and Kerim Bey track Krilenku down to his hideout, where Kerim Bey kills him with Bond's rifle.Upon returning to his hotel suite that night, Bond finds Romanova waiting for him in his bed and has sex with her; neither are aware that SPECTRE is filming them.Upon hearing the news of Grant's death, Number 1 calls Klebb and Kronsteen onto the carpet to explain what went wrong and remind them that SPECTRE does not tolerate failure.

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This distracts Grant enough for Bond to attack him in brutal hand-to-hand combat.She offers to defect to the West, and will bring a top secret Lektor with her to sweeten the deal - but only on the condition that Bond handle her case, personally.Prior to his departure, Bond is supplied by Q with an attaché case containing a concealed throwing knife, gold sovereigns, a special tear gas booby trap connected to the lock mechanism and ammunition for an Armalite AR-7 folding sniper rifle with an infrared night scope.The next day, Romanova heads off for a pre-arranged rendezvous at Hagia Sophia to drop off the floor plans for the consulate, with Grant ensuring Bond receives the plans by killing the other Bulgarian tail who attempts to intercept the drop.Using the plans, Bond and Kerim Bey successfully steal the Lektor and, together with Romanova, escape with the device onto the Orient Express.

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