Sex chat with pics sharing

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Most of the guys on the group don’t even partake in what’s happening!I personally have only sent 3 photos & a story or 2.” Those who attacked this insidious and potentially illegal behavior were subjected to a backlash from others studying Agricultural Science, who claimed they were being unfairly tarnished for the actions of a minority.

When asked if he had any prior knowledge of this current controversial group existing he stated, “I have no knowledge of their existence.It is believed a private Facebook groupchat with as many as 200 members is active among male students in UCD, in which members share and rate stories and pictures of girls they have slept with.The revelation is the most recent example of the continued prevalence of a harmful and derogatory ‘lad culture’ amongst the student body in UCD.One commenter stated “Yeah but were not all sickos like those lads.Yeah it is a big number but at the end of the day like how unfair is it to say that a CAO choice somehow defines you like that”.

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