Freidns reunited dating

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"She stopped by in a green coat and a beret, and I remember thinking, This woman is special." They hit it off that night in 1978, with Gayle appreciating his 6-foot-4-inch height: "At 5-foot-10, I'd always found it difficult to find a boyfriend who was taller than I am." Their romance flourished, but after seven years, as Gayle hit her mid-30s, she began to worry that her biological clock was winding down. "When he wasn't ready [for a commitment], I lost faith in the relationship and finally ended it." It was a painful breakup for them both.

Nonetheless, she met another man, married and had a daughter.

"We have responsibilities to other people," explains Gayle, now 60.

Frank, 62, is raising his 13-year-old nephew, and Gayle's daughter fell ill with a condition requiring extensive therapy.

"People from our past often have a unique and appealing perspective on us — and we on them. But that all changed after she and Jeff talked until they closed down a New Jersey restaurant near their homes.

Over 47 years, each married and divorced multiple times. And once, when both were single, they even talked about getting back together.

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She accepted his brunch invitation "to see if the spark was there.

I told my daughter, 'This might be goodbye forever.'" Not a chance.

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