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Where a winding-up order has been made by High Court, an application for a direction that all subsequent proceedings in the winding-up be had in a District Court subordinate to the High Court or in any other High Court or in a District Court subordinate thereto, shall be made to the High Court that made the winding-up order by the Official Liquidator of that Court, or by the Official Liquidator of the Court to which the proceedings are sought to be transferred, or by a creditor or contributory of the company.Where proceedings are transferred, they shall receive a new distinctive number in the Court to which they are transferred, but below the new number in the cause-title, the previous number shall be shown in brackets as follows: (Transferred Petition No.....19.....- Indexen van STOXX - Nieuws rond indexbeleggen/ETF's - Koersinformatie Trackers (Euronext) - Nieuwe Trackers op Euronext - NYSE Euronext ETFs/Trackers - ETF/Tracker Center - Transactiekosten om te beleggen in ETFs - Grondstoffen ETFs, oppassen!- Eenvoudig beleggen in Euro Stoxx 50 - Tracker op S&P 500 index - Tracker op Nasdaq-100 index - Tracker op Dow Jones Industrial Average - Beleggen in OLIE met trackers - Beleggen in GOUD met trackers - Overzicht Hang Seng Indexen (China) - Dow Jones overzicht landen indexen - i Shares ETF - Lyxor ETF - Amundi ETF - Rydex SGI ETF - Portfolio2000 - Visionexpert - Overzicht KOOPWAARDIGE AANDELEN!

45, 46 or 47, as the case may be, with such variations as the circumstances may require, and shall be presented in duplicate.

The Registrar shall note on the petition the date of its presentation. After the admission of a petition for the winding-up of a company by the Court, upon the application of a creditor, or a contributory, or of the company, and upon proof by affidavit of sufficient ground for the appointment of a Provisional Liquidator, the Court, if it thinks fit and upon such terms as in the opinion of the Court shall be just and necessary, may appoint the Official Liquidator to be Provisional Liquidator of the company pending final orders on the winding-up petition.

The petition shall be advertised within the time and in the manner provided by rule 24 of these Rules. On a winding-up order being made, the Official Liquidator attached to the Court shall forthwith take into his custody or under his control all the property and effects and the books and papers of the company, and it shall be the duty of all persons having custody of any of the properties, books and papers of the company, to deliver possession thereof to the Official Liquidator.

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