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What really got my attention was the camera set up on a tripod opposite Sir and I. "Good call, boys," Sir chuckled, picking up what we had agreed on was #4. I reached back and grabbed a hold of the plug's handle. The feeling was wonderful, his warm, thick fingers were a familiar feeling.

Next to it was a laptop resting on a nightstand displaying everything currently being recorded. I obeyed, of course, and knelt in front of the camera, knowing this was the center of my attention. "Tonight, slut, you're going to put on a little show. I couldn't see their faces, but I imagined all these strange men masturbating, imagining that I was writhing underneath them. It was a larger glass plug that I had recently worked up to. I had gotten to know my body very well in the past year, so I angled the plug at my g-spot and began massaging it. At just the right pace, he slid in a third, widening my hole just enough for me to feel it. Sir rotated his fingers, touching every nerve in my sphincter, before adding a fourth finger.

I let out an animalistic moan, and Sir laughed at me. You know I've got some ideas of my own I'd like to try..." Sir said, loving every second of this. My toes curled as the punishment continued, relishing every strike. Sir hammered down on my sweet spot, building the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced. Sir loved my fat ass, and I loved feeling his strong hands play with it.

I turned to watch on the screen as he walked over to the side of the bed where the toys were. Through my tearing eyes I read more comments, only making me harder. He roughly groped my cheeks, squeezing them hard, feeling the flesh squish between his fingers.

Sir had given me a key, as well as a very specific set of instructions on how I should enter the house.

"I have a surprise for you, slut," he said, taking my leash in his hands. I gulped down my tears and saw a flood of new messages appear. "They want you..." I began to say, trembling at the possibility, "To fist me, Sir." I waited patiently for a response, my breath quickening. Would all these strangers watch as I was fist-fucked by my Master? "Yes, Sir, I do," I announced watching our audience celebrate. This was exhilarating, watching everything before it happened.I gasped at the intruder, but did nothing to stop it. Barely able to focus, I looked up at the screen, before calling out loudly. " I read, feeling pleasure build inside me, "I'd love to get a couple friends and see how much that ass can stretch! "They gave me something to say, Sir, if I want to cum," I said turning back to the camera.At this point in our relationship, the feeling of his girthy cock in my ass was not only welcome, it was natural. "Say it if you really want to cum, bitch," my Master told me, being consumed by his own lust.Sir's surprises always left me full of cum and ecstasy, so I was very excited to see what he had in mind. "I'm going to lube up, till then, give the boys at home a show," Sir told me, placing the camera under my ass, "Edge yourself with the plug, but don't you dare cum, understood? I wondered if this was all a part of my Master's plan.He walked briskly, pulling my leash in such a way that I had to move quickly or be choked. On the bed were various instruments, plugs, clamps, paddles and more of various sizes. " "Of course, Sir," I replied, adjusting my body so that my asshole was in full view. " he asked, the sounds of lubrication lewdly making their way to my ears. Sir's hand reached over and grasped the plug, slowly dragging it out of me. I noticed that I had a slight gape on the screen in front of me. Sir slid two fingers into me, rubbing them all over my inner walls.

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