Dating a gay police officer

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A 34-year-old gay Johannesburg man was brutally smashed in the face at a music festival and then mocked by a policeman when he reported the hate crime attack.

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The clip shows one female and two male officers restraining boxer Adam Salman, 27, on the ground in a residential area in Morden, south London.Salman can be seen bucking his body and kicking his legs as the officers struggle to keep him on the ground.Suddenly, one officer begins rapidly punching him 26 times with considerable force in the back.To make matters worse, when Swanepoel went to the Moffatview Police Station for a case number the next day, he was mocked by an officer in what appears to be a case of secondary victimisation.In a video he recorded of the incident, Swanepoel is heard asking the officer for a case number. I work in the image industry and he’s really put me out. He hasn’t just dented my ego, he’s ripped it apart,” he said.

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