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The Township argued on summary judgment that eminent domain proceedings are not covered by RLUIPA.The Division's brief argues that the Townships' commencement of eminent domain proceedings in this case constitutes the implementation of a land use regulation covered by RLUIPA.Individuals seeking to retrofit their units will be entitled to receive an incentive payment of ,000 to do so.Although the condominium association was not found liable for the violations, the court ordered it to permit the retrofitting of the common areas.

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They had claimed that a condominium complex in Anne Arundel County, Maryland violated the Fair Housing Act by failing to be designed and constructed so that it is accessible and usable by persons with disabilities.

On May 26, 2011, the United States executed a Memorandum of Agreement with Bank of America Corporation resolving the United States' claims that the Bank violated the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act by failing to lower the interest rate on servicemembers' credit card loans to 6%, or to maintain the reduced interest rate through the entire period of military service, after those servicemembers sent in military orders and requested a reduction in the interest rate between October 2003 and December 2007.

Under the agreement, the Bank will provide ,023 to compensate nine servicemembers whom the Division claimed were victims of the Bank's conduct.

The en banc decision "effectively overrules Halprin as far as § 3617 is concerned" and holds that the "contractual connection between the Blochs and the [Condo] Board distinguishes this case from Halprin" for purposes of § 3604(b).

As a result, the court found the plaintiffs 'claims of post-acquisition discrimination viable under both FHA provisions and ordered the trial court to determine whether defendants acted with discriminatory intent on remand. In this case, plaintiffs allege that defendants' practice of permitting Nissan dealers to set finance charges at their discretion resulted in African-Americans paying higher finance charges, and that these higher charges could not be explained by non-discriminatory factors.

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