Is that safe to xxx chat in wechat

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I will go through the features powered by this lib one by one to give you a better understanding for the apis, so that you can get start very quickly when you need to develop such features.

TL; DR verification, your configuration will be saved successfully, and you can continue to next step.

Wechat has been one of the most famous instant message apps in the world, but also a major zone for business for companies and organizations especially in China.

Almost every company in China has a business or public/subscribe account on Wechat platform, which makes it much more important for web developers to make the best use of wechat and it's APIs.

If they weren’t added by you (the group owners), then it becomes even more challenging to explain why they are being warned or 1 step away from being kicked.We Chat group chat owners or those active in group chats may have stumbled upon a couple of articles stating the new rules to group chats (Chinese source).Effective October 8th, these new rules state the new management requirements.If incorporated by Tencent, they would go a long way in enforcing new rules without any heads having to roll. To keep things simple, we’ve tried to stay within the default We Chat user experience and Tencent’s general interface guidelines as much as possible. However, the hardest part is controlling what members banter and send.Poster Ads, Unwanted XXX gifs, or xenophobic slurs really put a damper on group chats with a topic and drag down the perceived value of groups.

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