Eclipse maven updating indexes takes forever

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What does the area of overlap between a designer and front-end developer look like? The chasm between roles that is most concerning is the one between web designers/developers and native application designers/developers.

We often choose a camp early on and stick to it, which is a mindset that may have been fueled by the false “native vs. It was positioned as an either-or decision, and hybrid approaches were looked down upon.

We try to segment devices based on screen size, but that doesn’t take into account hardware functionality, form factor, and usage context, for starters.

The laptop I’m writing this on has the same resolution as a 1080p television.

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It satisfies […][mehr] (Quelle: W3C News) As an industry, we’re historically terrible at drawing lines between things.In short, being idle tells your brain that it’s in need of something different, which stimulates creative thinking.So it’s something to be sought out and cherished—not something to be shunned. But outside of those hours I consider it part of being a sane and good human to give my kids a bath, chat to my wife, read, and reflect on the day that’s past and the one that’s coming—without the pressure of having to be online all the time.Slowly our office started to reflect this newfound freedom.Work looked less and less like work, and more and more like home.

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