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* */ public Zip File(String name, String mode) throws IOException /** * Opens a ZIP file for reading, overwriting or modifying * given the specified file name.* */ public Zip File(File file, String mode) throws Zip Exception, IOException /** * Returns an output stream for writing the contents of the specified * ZIP file entry.*/ public void add(Zip Entry ze) /** * Adds the specified zip entry to the current zip file at the * specified index.If the zip file already contains this * entry, an exception will be thrown.

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Now if we run the above code this is the output: Here is the zipped folder : And you can see that it contains a singe file: In this section we are going to add a complete directory tree in the archive. DEFLATED on the other hand uses the LZ77 alogrithm and Huffman code to perform compression on the files.These enhancements have also been frequently requested from outside users.- Solution: Solution is to add additional methods to The get Size methed of Zip Entry class return actual size of entry. Zip File cannot be used to write or modify ZIP files.

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