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Whether it’s online therapy, social media or online dating, everyone deserves to chat with the humans they believe they are connecting with.We made this guide so people can answer the big question: Bot or not?

The humanoid robot, created by Hanson robotics can chat, smile mischievously and even tell jokes.

Decades of automation and robotisation have already revolutionised the industrial sector, raising productivity but cutting some jobs.

And now automation and AI are expanding rapidly into other sectors, with studies indicating that up to 85 per cent of jobs in developing countries could be at risk.'There are legitimate concerns about the future of jobs, about the future of the economy, because when businesses apply automation, it tends to accumulate resources in the hands of very few,' acknowledged Sophia's creator, David Hanson.

Work is underway to make artificial intelligence 'emotionally smart, to care about people,' she said, insisting that 'we will never replace people, but we can be your friends and helpers.'But she acknowledged that 'people should question the consequences of new technology.' Dr Hanson discussed the possibility of lifelike androids having relationships with humans.

'While AI [artificial intelligence] is getting smarter, it's going through a childhood and we want to respect that so maybe someday they'll reach an age of consent but not yet', he said Among the feared consequences of the rise of the robots is the growing impact they will have on human jobs and economies.

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