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Com score: 10/10 Buffalo FX Power Booster This is a faithful clone of the original 18v Colorsound Powerbooster with the same headroom and tube-like tones.While most clones are either too clean or too bright this one delivers anything from super transparent clean boost to warm overdrive almost in that Tube Driver territory.

As can distortion pedals like the Rat and similar, like the Evolution, G2 etc. David’s Colorsound Powerboost/ Cornish ST-2 (1972-1983) and Chandler/BK Tube Driver (1993-present) are typical vintage style boosters/overdrives with a classic bright, mids scooped tone similar to the early Marshalls.This can either be to produce a volume or gain boost for solos or, like David does, to blend the character of two pedals, for more saturation and sustain.Big Muffs often sound better with a transparent booster placed after it, set for a very mild boost and EQ enhancement.Com score: 10/10 Vick Audio Overdriver The Overdriver is, as the name implies, a clone of the US version of the Powerboost, the Overdriver.Of all the clones out there, this one is perhaps the closest to the original design, with a super transparent and glassy character, lots of low end and plenty of gain on tap.

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