Buying a house that needs updating

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It’s also found in substantial quantities in pre-World War II plumbing systems, and in smaller quantities in water pipes installed before the mid-1980s.Asbestos, a naturally occurring fibrous material that causes a serious form of lung cancer and other respiratory problems, was an ubiquitous insulation and fireproofing material until the mid-1970s. Though there are exceptions to the rule, homes tend to be older throughout the Northeast and Midwest, and in urban cores across the country.

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However, removal is recommended if you plan on knocking down walls, expanding your home’s footprint, or attempting other expansive projects likely to uncover asbestos-laden material.Prevent water from pooling near or against your home’s foundation by filling in low ground or installing a surface drainage system.Use treated lumber (toxic to termites) for decks and other wooden structures attached to your house.If you catch the problem before you buy, perhaps during a professional home inspection (0 to 0), get a repair estimate from a general contractor.Then negotiate with the seller to cover part or all of the repair costs, as well as the cost of professional pest control services if the infestation is in progress.

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